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Keep architecture on purpose – the three stages of architecture development

Written by John Critchley   
21 May 2011

New architects often have a theoretical understanding of what an architecture should be, but are often left struggling with the level of detail required in their designs, frequently mixing physical solution with concepts. This frustrates stakeholders who are beginning to get their own visions of the solution. A few weeks later, and the purpose of the architect and his/her architecture is lost as the solution is being defined by everyone but the architect. It's not on purpose!


Encourage compliance through convenience, awareness and culture

Written by John Critchley   
28 September 2009

Compliance at the project level is essential for enterprise architecture success. Without compliance, investment in enterprise architecture design will be wasted as it fails to gain traction at the level where it really matters. Therefore, since compliance in any context is rarely an outcome of random decision-making, some form of governance is required to help encourage the right behaviours and decisions, even where there’s no brazen defiance of the enterprise architecture guidelines.


Common Failures of Solution Architecture

Written by John Critchley   
16 February 2008

Solution Architecture has a reputation for producing output that is largely engineered for function, overlooking the creative responsibilities of architecture to produce an aesthetically pleasing outcome.


The Qualities of Solution Architecture Design

Written by John Critchley   
16 February 2008

It doesn't take an architect to marvel at architectural wonders, such as the Sistine Chapel - the genius and creativity combined with constructive energy and skill are instantly recognisable.

Similarly for technology architecture, when we experience a well-designed IT system we can feel it through all our sense. But what is the essence that separates good architecture from bad?


A Rough Guide to Solution Architecture

Written by John Critchley   
07 February 2007

Written for those unfamiliar with Solution Architecture, this article uses the simplest terms to introduce the reader to the function of Solution Architecture, the principal attributes of an architect and the organisational role of Solution Architecture.